My Current PC Setup


Recently I’ve made the switch to using Linux full-time and only have Windows 10 as a backup for certain applications. Several factors played a part in this decision, but it was mainly influenced by Windows continuously feeling sluggish despite a reinstall. Startup and shutdown times were ridiculously long, the forced Windows updates were a nightmare and the lack of customisation did not appeal to me. So I backed up my entire 256GB SSD using Macrium Reflect Free, which I highly recommend for its simplistic GUI, fast copying and great compression. (Note however that there is no Linux version available, and it stores the file in some proprietary .mrimg format).

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My Journey into RF & Keyless Entry Security

Note: still a work in progress!

Where it started

In 2015, I came across some security related videos by researcher Samy Kamkar, where he demonstrated the use of a $10 USB RTL-SDR dongle to exploit wireless doorbells and garages. I was amazed by the wide range of frequencies, transmissions and protocols that I could now access affordably and simply with only some spare change. I’ll leave the more detailed explanation to the guys at the blog here, but the device essentially acts as a radio scanner that can receive anywhere between 24MHz to 1.8GHz. I’ve personally used it to receive ADS-B (aircraft data), FM radio, police radio, GSM signals, and a wide range of 433MHz wireless devices such as weather stations and keyfobs.

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Jam Replay

Jam and Replay Attack on Vehicular Keyless Entry Systems

Raspberry Pi version

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